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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies


I swear to god, if one more person sends me the zombie baby popping out of the mom pregnancy costume idea…

It’s not a bad idea. It’s just that I’ve already had about a million people send it to me already.

And I don’t want to be a pregnant nun, or paint my stomach like a pumpkin…I don’t want to paint my stomach like anything, actually.

All of this complaining, you’d think I hated Halloween. Quite the opposite. Kent and I got married on Halloween, and every year I love coming up with new costume ideas.

So this strip is my collection of pregnancy costume ideas. I don’t actually advise going as a sexy anything. Ever. I just thought it was a funny idea. There are so. many. ridiculous “sexy” costumes for women, but that problem all goes away once you get knocked up, because you are now a baby house and no one wants to see you naked!! (<–sarcasm.)

I also address the belly painting thing. I sweat more than I ever have in my life. That paint’s not going to stay on long. You paint the belly, you take the picture, and you wash it off. I can’t believe you’d be able to go out like that.

Lots of gore involved with pregnancy, so, why not play it up? Be a placenta.

And last of all, the Hobby Lobby employee. I think I might actually do this one this year. My friend, Elly, suggested it, and it’s by far the best idea I’ve heard so far. The only problem is, we don’t have Hobby Lobbys in Maryland, so I’m not entirely sure what the employees look like.

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