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Yup. He’s teething now. I first suspected it when his behavior took a turn for the worse. He became very moody, had a hard time nursing, and would cry while eating. He’s been drooling for a while, so that was really nothing new.

Oddly enough, the first two teeth are coming in on the top. I think most babies get the bottom ones first. I’m glad they’re coming in from the top though. You can’t bite with your top teeth because they don’t move. (Go ahead, try it! I did this with my friends this morning, it was entertaining to watch.)

So I’m wondering how long the “bad” behavior will go on because of teething. Or, how long I can blame his grouchiness on teething. Next 30 years, maybe?

Also, it occurs to me that the bulbs I planted in the fall are starting to come up. Every day my son and I go outside and check their progress. His teeth remind me of those spring flowers, because each day I have to check and see if they’ve poked out any further. Just a weird connection I made in my head the other night at a 3:00 a.m. feeding. Except I guess they’re not THAT similar because the bulbs don’t get pissed off when I check them.

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