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English to Toddler Translation


So….I guess I have a toddler? He’s 16 months, does that qualify him? I’m defining this as “one who toddles.” And he certainly does a lot of that. He also enjoys running. From me. And my husband. And basically anyone who looks like they might need to pick him up. He doesn’t dislike being picked up. He just really, really enjoys running from people. It’s a game to him. And it can be really cute. Just not so cute when we need to go somewhere.

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Chelsea Carr has been cartooning for over ten years. Currently, she works as the editorial cartoonist for Harford County’s The Aegis and The Record. She has also had her work included in MAD Magazine, b, and Baltimore’s City Paper. Chelsea holds a B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (2005) and an M.A.T. from Johns Hopkins University (2011.) In addition to cartooning and being a first-time mother, she has worked as an elementary school art teacher.

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