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Wine Pairings for Toddler Tantrums


Oddly enough, I’m not really a big drinker. I mean, I do drink, but I prefer beer, and I really don’t know anything about wine. I actually had to Google the spellings of all these wines, and then I had to Google again to see what color they all were. I didn’t realize I picked all white wines until the end, and now it’s 10:45, so screw it.

I should also probably clarify that this is a humor website and no, I don’t actually drink to cope with my son’s behavior. I eat candy for that. (JK. You’re all going to hate me but he’s a pretty chill baby. The few tantrums he’s had are pretty predictable and generally based on how much sleep he’s had.) But yeah, I worry there’s gonna be some jerk accusing me of abusing alcohol, when really, it’s just mom humor. And kind of a lazy comic, because my husband and I had the stomach flu my son had LAST weekend. (Hence the late posting.)

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Chelsea Carr has been cartooning for over ten years. Currently, she works as the editorial cartoonist for Harford County’s The Aegis and The Record. She has also had her work included in MAD Magazine, b, and Baltimore’s City Paper. Chelsea holds a B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (2005) and an M.A.T. from Johns Hopkins University (2011.) In addition to cartooning and being a first-time mother, she has worked as an elementary school art teacher.

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  1. ‘Sometimes parenting is dragging your toddler kicking and screaming from the park or trying to stop them from having a tantrum in the supermarket.’

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