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Rear-Facing Conversations

There’s a lot of things I currently say to my son that I probably won’t have to say once he’s forward facing. Whenever we’re about to pass an interesting vehicle I always try to give him a head’s up. Sometimes he looks out the wrong window. And he’ll intently stare out the wrong window after I do everything in my power to get him to look out the right one. (Look at the Christmas lights. On the left. My window. This side. *bangs back of seat* THIS side. You missed it.)

When he was smaller, I would freak out about what the hell was going on back there. Was everything ok? Did he sneak out into the trunk somehow? Who knows. Now he’ll generally answer me if I ask him if everything’s good.

And the temperature issue. I DO own a Noggle, but the part that connects to the vent snapped in half. I need to reorder a new one. Or maybe they’ll see this post and just send me one. A girl can dream, can’t she? I gave you free advertising. FREE ADVERTISING!

Also, another thing I want to advertise is a Facebook Group called Car Seats for the Littles. Please join it, if you’re not already a member. It’s made up of certified car seat techs who give out helpful advice, recommend car seats and check that your babies are safely in their seats. Did you know the best practice is to forward face your child when they’ve reached the weight limit for their specific carseat? For example, I have the Graco MySize 65. The rear-facing limit is 45 (I think?) pounds. So when my son gets closer to 45 lbs (he’s like 25 pounds now) he can forward face. Legally you CAN flip your kids at two, but it’s safer to leave them backwards as long as possible. For most car seats you can keep your kids turned around until they’re about 3 or 4.

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. I try not to get too santimommy on here, but I think we can all agree safety is important. (Also, I am NOT a car seat tech so if I said anything on here that’s innaccurate, please let me know!)

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Chelsea Carr has been cartooning for over ten years. Currently, she works as the editorial cartoonist for Harford County’s The Aegis and The Record. She has also had her work included in MAD Magazine, b, and Baltimore’s City Paper. Chelsea holds a B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (2005) and an M.A.T. from Johns Hopkins University (2011.) In addition to cartooning and being a first-time mother, she has worked as an elementary school art teacher.

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