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Pregnant? Prepare for Crazy!

Oh, the crazies. They come out of the woodwork once you get a bump. Sadly, I didn’t have to think very hard for this comic. Each panel is based on something that has happened to me in real life. I probably could have made several more panels on this topic, ...

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Baby Anatomy

A few weeks ago, I did a comic about what early baby kicks feel like. Later baby kicks feel much more like actual kicks. But their punches feel like kicks, too. And so do…whatever else it is he’s doing in there. Elbows? Knees? I don’t know. I had a sonogram ...

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We’re Having a Boy!

First, I want to let you know that in two weeks, I will begin posting super big-sized comics! This one and the one I’ll post next week are some extras I drew before my web designer told me how tiny my drawings are on bigger screens. So remember: Bigger = ...

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Weird and Wacky Pregnancy Symptoms

There are a ton of articles on “weird” pregnancy symptoms. I know this, because I think I’ve had all of them. For this comic, I tried to focus on the the more common symptoms. A little bit about each panel: 1. I thought not having a period for nine months ...

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What Do Early Baby Kicks Feel Like?

According to webmd.com, “You should feel your baby’s first movements, called “quickening,” between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy.” “Quickening,” (which has nothing to do with beheading Highlanders) is difficult to describe, so people try to explain the way it feels in the most abstract ways. Most often, I’ve ...

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How To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

When we first started trying for a baby, I read up on all of the cute ways one could tell her partner she’s pregnant. Granted, I never really picked a method. Most of them were pretty cheesy, or involved an insane amount of preparation (I really couldn’t keep a secret ...

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Babies: What to Buy

A comic about what to register for

This is another comic based on a real-life conversation I had. Actually, it’s based on MANY conversations I’ve had with moms recommending what I need for the new baby. Everything in the first two panels are real products. Everything in panel three is made up, but I’m sure if I ...

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