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The Results

I love maternity pants. They’re so comfortable. They’re like leggings with out the leggy-ness. Oddly enough though, I haven’t been wearing maternity pants very often during this pregnancy. I thought I had more pairs from when I was pregnant with my son, but apparently I only had two pairs. So ...

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It’s Potty Time!

So we started potty training this weekend. We’re doing one of those three day methods, and, here we go, I’m going to jinx it – things are going well. The first day was rough, day two we had two accidents (although one was on the playground with no potty in ...

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A Beautiful Moment

My son loves reading. He brings me books all the time. ALL the time. And as soon as I take the book from him, he plops he little butt right in my lap. It’s adorable. Except when he brings books into the bathroom. The other thing he does in the ...

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Time to Relax

  I did this comic a while ago, and I could have sworn I had already posted it. I guess I didn’t. You know how I know I did it a while ago? I’ve given up and started bringing my son in the shower with me. I got sick of ...

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He Gained Weight!

Maybe this is something that only applies to me since I have a skinny baby. Does anyone else get excited when they pick up their baby and he or she feels noticeably heavier? I start telling myself that I’m doing an awesome job of feeding him, or his hit an ...

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Life After Vaginal Birth

Before I gave birth, I was a champ at holding my pee.  If there was a pee-holding contest, I would’ve won it. Heck, I was a teacher – it’s practically a job requirement to not pee ever. Then I got pregnant. And it was really hard to hold my pee. ...

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