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Definitely Not an Announcement of Any Kind

Seriously. This is not a any kind of announcement about anything. I’m just saying. Once your kid turns about two, people feel more comfortable asking about a second one. Which (to me) is fine. All I’m going to say is…yes there will be another (hopefully), no it will not be ...

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The Wishlist

My son is almost ten months old, so I’m starting to think about 1st birthday stuff. To be honest, I haven’t done much party planning yet. I know what I want to do for the invitation and who I’m going to invite (we’re keeping it small. Sorry if you didn’t ...

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An Ode to my Child-Free Friends

I love my friends who don’t have kids. I’m sure they all have different reasons for not wanting/having kids. I don’t know. It’s rude to ask, right? I know some of them just don’t want kids, and that’s fine. But I’ve read countless articles that pit the breeders against the ...

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