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Luck of the Irish

My latest collaboration with Breastfeeding Mama Talk! This Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re breastfeeding, feel free to have a drink! Of course if your plan is to get totally wasted, you might want to wait a while or pump and dump, but you can still breastfeed if ...

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Lunch Time!

So I recently started supplementing my baby with formula in addition to breastfeeding. He’s a small guy, and I’ve really tried everything in my power to get him to gain weight. I see his pediatrician every month for weight checks, I got to a breastfeeding support group at the hospital ...

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How Much…?

I have a terrible memory. I actually just had to email my web designer/buddy to ask what my password for this site was. And I really can’t remember the things listed in this comic. But you know what? I morph into Rain Man when you ask how much frozen breast ...

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12 Amazing Breastfeeding Facts

Please share this comic, if only because it took me forever to do. (I know, it’s not THAT impressive, but hey, I’m taking care of an infant here.) Hopefully you all like it. Breastfeeding is a really cool experience, and the more I learn about it, the more interesting it ...

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The Many Uses for Breast Milk

Two months in and I’m still going strong with the breastfeeding. In fact, I’m doing it as I type this post (Yay, growth spurts!) But I think it’s funny how some people get WAY in to breastfeeding. There’s nothing wrong with that, and when you learn more about breast milk ...

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