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Rear-Facing Conversations

There’s a lot of things I currently say to my son that I probably won’t have to say once he’s forward facing. Whenever we’re about to pass an interesting vehicle I always try to give him a head’s up. Sometimes he looks out the wrong window. And he’ll intently stare ...

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My Masterpiece

It takes me forever to put my son in his car seat. Do the straps pass the pinch test? Are they on his shoulders correctly? Should I pad his head with something? And the chest clip. Forever the chest clip. I believe with most car seats, the chest clip is ...

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The To-Do List

39 weeks, 3 days. Is this my last post before baby arrives? Who knows! I’m not feeling very labor-y, but I suppose that doesn’t mean anything. I do have a nasty cold and I feel like crap. I’ve heard flu-like symptoms can be a sign of labor, but I’m not ...

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