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Tour de Potties

So I’m late with this week’s cartoon. I don’t have any more in the reserves, so what you’ve been seeing lately more or less relate to what’s going on in my life currently: Potty training. I think I’m going to take the week of Mother’s Day off and use it ...

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Mystery Tissue

I did this comic last Sunday, when my son had a little bit of a cold. Yesterday morning, he threw up for the first time ever. I feel like there are barf comics in my future, but at the moment, vomiting babies still seem more sad and horrifying to me ...

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Ugh, High Chairs.

Public high chairs. Is there anything worse in life? No. No there is not. It’s basically like a communal napkin that never gets washed. They are without fail dirty, disgusting, It doesn’t matter how clean the restaurant is overall. The high chairs will be, without fail, horrible. Barf.

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