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Time to Move!

So my two year old is suddenly obsessed with ghosts. I have no idea why. He says there’s a “big girl ghost” on our steps who hears his heart beating. WHO SAYS THAT? Like what even is that?! Plus, we’re the first ones who have lived in our house, and ...

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Improving the Baby Monitor

We have a Lorex Baby Monitor. For the most part, I really like it. However, there is a button on there , directly next to the volume control, that makes dolphin sounds. Not dolphin sounds for your enjoyment. Dolphin sounds in the babies room. I’m assuming to piss off the ...

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What is Your Baby Smiling At?

It’s pretty easy to get my baby to smile. He’s a smiley guy. If you smile at him, he’ll usually smile back at you. He also enjoys smiling at lights. And ceiling fans. And his own feet. But sometimes, I have no idea what’s captured his attention. So, I put ...

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