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It’s Potty Time!

So we started potty training this weekend. We’re doing one of those three day methods, and, here we go, I’m going to jinx it – things are going well. The first day was rough, day two we had two accidents (although one was on the playground with no potty in ...

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False Positive

Ah, I’m finally doing a puke comic. I knew I’d find something funny about it. This really happened, by the way. When my son first got sick, I was feeling a little queasy. I spent an entire day thisclose to buying a pregnancy test because I was convinced our birth ...

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Mystery Tissue

I did this comic last Sunday, when my son had a little bit of a cold. Yesterday morning, he threw up for the first time ever. I feel like there are barf comics in my future, but at the moment, vomiting babies still seem more sad and horrifying to me ...

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Ugh, High Chairs.

Public high chairs. Is there anything worse in life? No. No there is not. It’s basically like a communal napkin that never gets washed. They are without fail dirty, disgusting, It doesn’t matter how clean the restaurant is overall. The high chairs will be, without fail, horrible. Barf.

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