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You’re Either in or You’re Out!

Does anyone else’s kid do this? Ever since the weather’s warmed up my son has struggled with whether he wants to be inside or outside. Usually he settles on standing in the opening of the sliding door, getting the heat from the sun on his back and the air conditioning ...

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Go to the Zoo, They said…

So I recently bought a membership to our local zoo. It’s pretty small and mostly petting zoo-type animals. They do have some good exotic creatures. The last time we were there, the zebras got somewhat lose to the fence, and you could get a really good look at them. Did ...

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Should You Vaccinate Your Kid?

A handy flowchart to help you make an important decision. Seriously, people. Vaccination is so, so important. And it’s kinda my thing right now because my son is too young to get the MMR shot, and we like to go to public places.

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