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Do You Have a Cover?

This is my latest collaboration with Breastfeeding Mama Talk! It’s probably bad form to laugh at your own comics, but I did this a week ago and I’m still chuckling at it. It was inspired by a real life event, where a woman told a man she would give him ...

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Hey! What Happened to Mom Comic?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I’ve been preparing for SPX this weekend in Bethesda. What’s SPX, you ask? It stands for Small Press Expo, and I’ll be exhibiting some awesome Mom Comic products there! (Pictures to come!) But, I had to take the ...

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Making Mom Friends

I should totally try this out sometime and see how it goes. I may have addressed this in an earlier strip, but I haven’t really made many mom friends…and that’s not a problem. For the most part, I was already friends with moms, and now my kid is friends with ...

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night!

Ok, I know the Dylan Thomas poem isn’t about mom haircuts. I took some creative liberties. There’s this stereotype that moms are inherently boring. You get the mom hair, wear the mom jeans, drive a minivan…all of that seems pretty horrifying to me. (Side note: The mom hair was modeled ...

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Hilarious Cats

I’m experimenting this week with Mom Comic, and I’d really appreciate your feedback! You’ve probably noticed the stylistic change. I’m trying to simplify things because Mom Comic is now…. Thrice a week! That’s right. Mom Comic will now publish a new comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Of course, that’s ...

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