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Happy Thanksgiving and an Announcement

I’m pregnant again! And it is suuuuper different this time around. With my son, I felt queasy at times, and certain things made me feel like I might throw up, but I never actually threw up. And I was always hungry. This baby hates all food and I was sick ...

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No. No. Nooooooo!

Lately I feel like I should take a page out of my son’s book and just start saying “no” to everything. “Want to volunteer for…” “No.” “We can only pay in promotion…” “No.” “Here are my idiotic political beliefs…” “No.” That’s it! I’m going into full-on toddler mode, people. No. ...

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Mom Weight Loss Routine

It is harder to lose weight after kids, and it makes zero sense. I eat less food than I ever did (because my kid steals it), I think I’m just as or more active, but I still hover in around 5lbs over my pre-baby weight. I know, 5 lbs more ...

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