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What You Really Need

For real. Every class I take with my son, there’s a lot of jumping and no warning. I’m not anti-jump, either. I’m just a little top heavy and need to be wearing the proper athletic attire to put out an enthusiastic hop. And these classes have made me really up ...

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Girls’ Day Out!

I actually haven’t done this with a friend in the car yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone out, sans baby, and not realized I’ve been rocking out to his music for a solid half hour. I don’t *think* I’ve ever made it ...

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Eddie Vedder

Does anyone get this cartoon? My husband does this EVERY time we’re in Target, and he sees the Evenflo products. He starts singing Evenflo, by Pearl Jam. So I thought it was funny, and I showed this to him, and you know what he says? “I don’t get it.” You’re ...

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Genius Babies!

Doesn’t everyone think their baby is something special? Even typical baby stuff seems amazing to me. Are all parents like this? I actually do set up a boppy in front of my husband’s keyboard and let the baby play. The keys light up, and I think he enjoys that, along ...

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Bonding with my Unborn Child

37 weeks pregnant! Only three more weeks to go (maybe.) This week’s strip is about bonding with the little guy while he’s still in the womb. Honestly, there’s a limit to how much you can bond with something that gives you non-stop heartburn and diarrhea, but I guess I like ...

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