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This is one of my least favorite parenting phrases. Mostly because my instincts suck. But also because it’s the go-to parenting advice when someone has no actual advice but they still want to sound wise. And also because a lot of people will use the “instincts” line as an excuse ...

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Mystery Tissue

I did this comic last Sunday, when my son had a little bit of a cold. Yesterday morning, he threw up for the first time ever. I feel like there are barf comics in my future, but at the moment, vomiting babies still seem more sad and horrifying to me ...

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Free-Range Horror!

So this one isn’t about my experience personally, but I wanted to do a comic about the Meitivs and free-range parenting, since it’s in the news. Again. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with allowing your kids to explore their neighborhood independently. Growing up in suburban Baltimore (Essex,) my friends ...

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Table of Contents of Every Parenting Book, Ever

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t posting comics on Wednesdays and Fridays for the rest of the month. I lied. April Fools? I’ve been reading a lot of parenting books lately. Except I haven’t really been reading them. I’ve been skimming them. Most of them can sum up ...

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Your Guide to Online Parenting Acronyms

I hate acronyms. HATE them. Perhaps this is because I used to work for a company that was infatuated with confusing acronyms. Maybe it’s because it just looks lazy. Maybe it’s because using acronyms excludes people who aren’t “in the know.” There’s a really good article about this over at ...

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