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You’re Either in or You’re Out!

Does anyone else’s kid do this? Ever since the weather’s warmed up my son has struggled with whether he wants to be inside or outside. Usually he settles on standing in the opening of the sliding door, getting the heat from the sun on his back and the air conditioning ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m actually going to my in-laws, and they have enough room for all of us at the table. But when we go to my dad’s side of the family, we till have to sit at the kids’ table. Mostly because there’s not enough room for everyone to eat ...

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Welcome, HuffPost Parents Readers!

I am so, so excited to welcome readers of the HuffPost Parents to my website. I hope you enjoy my work. A little about me: My name is Chelsea. I started this comic to document my experiences as a first-time mom, and hopefully make people laugh. I live outside of ...

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