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Tour de Potties

So I’m late with this week’s cartoon. I don’t have any more in the reserves, so what you’ve been seeing lately more or less relate to what’s going on in my life currently: Potty training. I think I’m going to take the week of Mother’s Day off and use it ...

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He Gained Weight!

Maybe this is something that only applies to me since I have a skinny baby. Does anyone else get excited when they pick up their baby and he or she feels noticeably heavier? I start telling myself that I’m doing an awesome job of feeding him, or his hit an ...

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Life After Vaginal Birth

Before I gave birth, I was a champ at holding my pee.  If there was a pee-holding contest, I would’ve won it. Heck, I was a teacher – it’s practically a job requirement to not pee ever. Then I got pregnant. And it was really hard to hold my pee. ...

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Swimming Lessons

I recently signed my son up for swimming lessons. He’s actually pretty good, but I’m not sure if that’s because he has a knack for it or because he has a really spastic crawling style that translates well to swimming. I also think he really enjoys it. But that’s because ...

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