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Shopping Time!

My son does this all the time. He’s a picky eater at home, but he’ll try almost anything if it’s being given away as a sample at the grocery store. If he says he likes it, I’ll buy it, because he’s a picky eater. And then when we get home, ...

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I’ve mentioned before that my son is a picky eater. One of the most unhelpful pieces of advice I’ve heard is “toddlers are good at regulating their own nutrition.” People who say this either a.) Know nothing about toddlers or b.) Know nothing about nutrition. My son would eat ice ...

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Eat This, Not That: Toddler Edition

My son is a picky eater. A MAJORLY picky eater. He’s fifteen months and he still mostly eats baby food purees. If it involves getting his hands messy, he just has zero interest. But if it’s something he threw on the floor months ago that rolled under the couch? Oh, ...

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