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Happy Thanksgiving and an Announcement

I’m pregnant again! And it is suuuuper different this time around. With my son, I felt queasy at times, and certain things made me feel like I might throw up, but I never actually threw up. And I was always hungry. This baby hates all food and I was sick ...

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Parking, Please

I want to start off by saying I have never dragged my son through a parking lot. Intentionally. Sometimes they just fall over. What? Anyway, the next couple of comics I have in the hopper make my son look like a little shit, and he’s really not. I say this ...

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False Positive

Ah, I’m finally doing a puke comic. I knew I’d find something funny about it. This really happened, by the way. When my son first got sick, I was feeling a little queasy. I spent an entire day thisclose to buying a pregnancy test because I was convinced our birth ...

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Things I’ve Cried About While Pregnant

I wrote this comic as a way to cheer myself up. During this pregnancy, I’ve had, what I feel, are frequent bouts of “the blues.” Sometimes I over-think things and get hung up on some pretty heavy stuff, but I’ve realized at other times I cry over the most ridiculous ...

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