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This is one of my least favorite parenting phrases. Mostly because my instincts suck. But also because it’s the go-to parenting advice when someone has no actual advice but they still want to sound wise. And also because a lot of people will use the “instincts” line as an excuse ...

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Ah, Memories

I was going through my phone the other day (like anyone has an actual photo album anymore! That’s just for cartoons…) and I saw pictures I took of my son in his car seat. He was maybe…two weeks old at that time? He was in my car so it was ...

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I’ve mentioned before that my son is a picky eater. One of the most unhelpful pieces of advice I’ve heard is “toddlers are good at regulating their own nutrition.” People who say this either a.) Know nothing about toddlers or b.) Know nothing about nutrition. My son would eat ice ...

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