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Holiday’s Hottest Toys

And I’m back! Somewhat. Here’s what happened: My son’s birthday is in early November. But before that is Halloween. And after his birthday is Thanksgiving. And then I have an elf I had to move around for the entire month of December. And then it’s Christmas. And then New Years. ...

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Mystery Tissue

I did this comic last Sunday, when my son had a little bit of a cold. Yesterday morning, he threw up for the first time ever. I feel like there are barf comics in my future, but at the moment, vomiting babies still seem more sad and horrifying to me ...

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The Wishlist

My son is almost ten months old, so I’m starting to think about 1st birthday stuff. To be honest, I haven’t done much party planning yet. I know what I want to do for the invitation and who I’m going to invite (we’re keeping it small. Sorry if you didn’t ...

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